9 Reasons to Buy a Dog from a Breeder

• Mar 9, 2021

When you are looking for a puppy, you have basically three options. You can adopt from a shelter, buy from a backyard breeder or you can buy from a registered breeder. 

You must consider all your options before you decide. Many prefer adopting, and it can be great. But there are so many reasons why you should rather buy a dog from a breeder. From a registered breeder that is only breeding dogs that are registered and healthy. These are only the top 9 reasons why you should consider buying a dog from these breeders instead of adopting or buying at a pet shop or backyard breeder.

You will get all the information about your puppy from day one

How many of you have to adopt a puppy or buy one from the pet shop just to find a couple of days later he has some serious problems? Problems that you actually can’t deal with or are not experienced enough to handle.

This is a common problem with adopting a dog. This is why buying from a breeder is better. You are getting all the information you need about the puppy from day one. Everything you need to know will be available when you are fetching your puppy. Especially about health problems that might mean regular visits to the vet and huge vet bills. Not everyone can afford to have a pet that is sick.

Your puppy will not have a troubled life that can cause problems later on

Some dog breeds that have a hard life as the puppy can have behavior problems later on. And, this is a serious problem with dogs that are adopted. You will not know if the puppy that you are adopting will have problems later on because of the way his life started.

With a puppy from a breeder, they are starting their lives in the best possible way. There is no hard life where they needed to fight for survival from their first day of life. Their lives started with love, food, and shelter. Making them the best possible dogs.

You can see the parents of the puppy and see if the puppy will fit into your household

For many new puppy owners, it is important to see their parents. To see where the puppy came from and to make sure that they are from healthy and good bred dogs. To give you an idea about how your puppy will look the moment he reaches adulthood.

This is why making use of a breeder for buying a puppy is such a great idea. You will be able to see the puppy’s parents. To see how the parents are built, their behavior, and how they look. Giving you an idea about how your puppy will grow into. With adopting a puppy from a shelter, you will never be able to see the puppy’s parents. They might not even know what breed the parents might be. Making it hard to know what to expect when the puppy is grown.

The breeder will have references about their puppies that they are selling

Another really important reason why a breeder is your best option when buying a puppy. They will have references for the puppies they are selling.

Meaning that they will be able to give names and telephone numbers of previous clients that bought puppies with them. You can contact them and hear if their puppies are really as healthy as what you have heard. And, if they are recommending the breeder to you. This will reassure you that the puppy that you are going to buy is really as recommended as what you might have thought. If they aren’t able to give you any references, then it means that they aren’t real breeders and you should rather stay away. Look for breeders that can give references.

A mix-breed puppy from a shelter might have health problems

A mixed breed puppy isn’t a good idea. There is always the possibility that a mixed breed dog can have some health problems. This is because mixed breeds can cause problems. Problems with health especially if, for example, a large breed dog is bred with a small breed dog.

Normally with mix-breed dogs, the health problems that you normally can find with two breeds will now be combined. Meaning that the dog will have double the health problems. And, if they are in a shelter, it means that they didn’t get the best start in life either. Causing even more health problems, now and later on in life. With buying from a breeder, they don’t mix breeds. Meaning that you will not have any of these problems that mixed breed dogs will give.

You can always go back to the breeder if you have questions about the breed or puppy

This is the great thing about making use of a breeder. You have their contact details. And, you know someone that has all the knowledge about the breed. So, if you have any questions about the breed or your puppy, you know who to call. And, their information will be free.

It does happen that when you take your puppy home, there are some things that you don’t know, or that you are struggling with. And, who better to ask than the person who raised the puppy for the first six to seven weeks? Who has all the knowledge about the breed to answer any questions you might have? Something that you will not get when you are adopting from a shelter or buy your puppy in a pet shop. Then, you need to do all the research by yourself, and if the puppy is a mixed breed, doing research will be hard.

You will know the health background of the parents and puppy

For most people, this isn’t something that you might have thought about. Until you might have some health problems with your puppy. Then, with adopting your puppy, you will not have any health background of the parents or the puppy itself.

Some breeds have health problems that you need to be aware of. And, you need to know if they have a history of a certain illness or health problem. With adopting, you will never know how his parents were, and if there are any problems to be aware of. With a breeder, you can get a full history of his and his parent’s health. Making sure that you know if your puppy is healthy and will stay healthy, or not.

Normally they are vet-checked before going to their forever homes

If you are making use of a great breeder, they will take all the puppies for a vet check before they are going to their new forever homes. This is to get their first vaccinations and to be dewormed. The vet will also make sure that there aren’t any health risks that the puppy might have now or in the near future. So, when you are getting your puppy, you will know that he is healthy and had his first check at the vet.

With buying a puppy at a pet shop, or when you are adopting a puppy, you won’t be sure if the dog was ever vet checked. You won’t know if all his vaccinations are up to date, or if he was dewormed before. You will need to get it done after you received your puppy. And, this can result in you getting a sick puppy without knowing it, at first.

You can go back to the breeder for a similar dog if you want to buy another dog from the same breed

This is the best part of making use of a breeder to buy a puppy. You have taken a puppy home and raised it. After a year or so, you want to get another dog of a similar breed. For shelter dogs, this will be hard, because you won’t know exactly what breed it was. However, with a breeder, it will not be a problem.

You can go back anytime to buy another dog of the same breed. Knowing what you are getting and making sure that your puppy has the same health as your first puppy. Some people are buying their dogs from the same breeder. Never even consider buying from anyone else. This is because they know what type of dog they are getting, the temperament of the dog and that their puppies and dogs are healthy and strong.

Even if adopting at a shelter or buying from a backyard breeder is cheaper, there are many reasons why you should not consider these options. By buying from a registered breeder, you are going to make sure that you are getting a healthy puppy that isn’t a mixed breed. And, one that you can know everything about his history. To make sure that you have a best friend for a long time without having a sick puppy at home.